Evening Activities

Camp Fire

Getting together around the camp fire gives an opportunity to chat about the day’s events toasting marshmallows with a cup of hot chocolate – what better way to end the day! 

Egg Drop

Literally what it says!  However, the task is to use a variety of different items to ensure that the egg does not crack when being dropped from a great height – easier said than done!

Night Drop

Under the guidance of our instructors you are dropped off in groups with a map to navigate your way back to Low Mill.  Depending on the time of year you visit us, it could be dark making the task a little more difficult.  Don’t forget your torch!

Village Quiz

A set of questions to take with you around the village to see if you can find all the answers.  It’s a good way to find things that you may have missed! 

Film Night

Either watch one of the dvd’s that we have at the Centre or bring along your own.


We have lights and a sound system ready for you to bust a move!

Local Walk

We are in such a lovely area, it would be a shame not to go for a walk and take in the beautiful scenery, you may even come across and animal or two.

We can organise a variety of games for the evenings such as scavenger hunts and team games.


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